December 20th, 2014, 5:15 pm

Hello and Update

Welcome to Collide!

This is a story that has been floating around for quite some time in my head and can't wait for you all to see what will happen next!

One major thing that I'm sure you as the reader will notice really soon will be a fairly big fashion change to the characters here. At first, I kind of was just "inventing" some clothing ideas, merging things that I felt looked good, but as I continued on, I felt that I needed to ground the world somehow by picking a fashion than inventing one.

I will be sticking with a Colonial/Late Rococo style of fashion and design from now on. Mainly since I started to design the home off of a French Chateau, and felt that the technology and style should surround that era of time. You will find (if not noticing already) that this family is fairly wealthy, so the clothes will affect this. Plus I don't think there are many fantasy stories out there that base their world in an era like the late 1700s so I think this will be fun!

If any of you actually can find any good websites out there that I can expand my research to I will be more than happy! For now though I will continue sketching and come with a new page later this weekend. :)

-AG <3

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